Gemini Mermaids


I am excited to share some new work! I have had so much fun working on the branding for Gemini Mermaids, a women's clothing label that believes in friendship, fashion, and fun. When Alicia, the owner of Gemini Mermaids, came to me describing her intent to create a line of comfortable, fun, and expressive knitwear pieces that would inspire positivity in fashion, I was all in! So for the logo we went with a modern but slightly whimsical custom type treatment. I had so much fun building this brand out and working on all the fun pieces. Check it out below and let me know what you think! 


I promise to keep you guys updated about Gemini Mermaids, because believe me you are going to need some of their tees when they come out.



I am looking forward to seeing all of it come to life. Feels good to work with a brand promoting kindness and positivity!