DIY Hanging Herb Shelves

So here it goes - my first DIY post. I am excited to share this one with you all. Since moving to the East Coast from always-sunny California this fall and experiencing one of the coldest winters to date, it's safe to say I am extremely excited it is finally spring! I have been planting and potting things inside, outside, and all over my house. So it was only natural that I needed to plant some sort of herb garden. And because I love hanging planters, I knew I had to figure out something that incorporated both. 



Wood (2 18" Long pieces)
Sisal Rope
Large Jumpring
Assorted Herbs
Small Pots (I used Terra Cotta)

01 | First, we mark where we will need to drill 4 holes in each piece of wood. Measure using a ruler or measuring tape and mark 1 inch from each edge. 

02 | Using your drill, drill 4 holes in each piece of wood (8 holes total). Make sure you drill holes big enough to string the rope through!

03 | Depending on your desired height of the the shelves, cut the rope into 2 pieces. I cut mine about 60" each (the longer, the better, because you will trim these later). Now, loop both pieces of rope through your jump ring, this will leave you with 4 loose ends. 

05 | String each loose end of the rope through the holes on your first piece of wood. Once you first shelf to desired height, tie 4 knots.

06 | Repeat step above with second piece of wood to create your second shelf. 

07 | Trim bottom ends of rope so that all 4 ends are even (It helps to hang for this step!)

08 | Pot your herbs and place on your new hanging shelves!

Herbs generally require full sun, so choose a place where your herbs can get as much sun as possible.  A south facing window is ideal. Bright light is a key to success growing herbs inside, away from their natural environment.

I hung mine in my kitchen window, right above my sink. This seemed like a good spot where my herbs can get the sunlight they need & I can look at its cuteness all the time. 

Cant wait to hear what you guys are going to hang yours!

xo, Alyx