First Post!

I have been contemplating doing this for a while now, but I am finally getting over my fears and starting a blog. Ah! I'm a little scared but really excited all at the same time. I hope that you guys will join me in this new adventure and bear with me as I figure it all out. Look forward to seeing DIYs that I am constantly cluttering my house with, design inspiration, downloads (like the ones below!), updates, and other fun stuff. 

Lately, I have been having fun experimenting with watercolor patterns. And as a thank you for reading my first blog post I've got somethin' for you! So if you have been craving summer as bad I as have, you can dream on with these fruity downloadable desktop and Iphone wallpapers!


HOW TO DOWNLOAD: Click the links below the image, the image will open in new window, then drag image to your desktop! 



Oranges Desktop Wallpaper Download  /  Oranges Iphone Wallpaper Download 


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